Our office, Balanced Chiropractic, has been in business for many years already. Natural migraine relief in Riverton is one of the things we offer to people who come to our door. We advise our patients to pursue natural care options at all times unless they have tried all alternatives and still found no relief.

Doctors classified some primary methods of non-medicated relief alternatives for patients with migraines. These options are suited for everyone, especially those who experience adverse reactions to specific medications.

You might belong to the 14% of the world’s population who suffer from migraines. We are here to give you as much relevant information as we can to help you deal with your migraine symptoms effectively. At the very least, we are hoping that you would pass this information along to your friends, relatives, and loved ones so they may benefit from this and help them get migraine relief in Riverton naturally.


You’ve heard from doctors a thousand times the importance of exercise as a way to maintain healthy levels of your body mass index (BMI). Well, guess what, working out can also prevent migraine attacks from occurring.

First, consistent workouts aid the body’s ability to control pain levels and produce endorphins. Endorphins are known as “feel-good hormones.” At the same time, cortisol levels will not get too high. Cortisol is the body’s built-in alarm system, and also a stress hormone. Too much stress means your cortisol level is high.

Working out too much is terrible for your migraines. Therefore, light to moderate workouts is better for migraineurs. You can focus on low-impact exercises like light stretches, walking, swimming, biking, and yoga.

Graded exercises are also an excellent option. It is especially suitable for people who’ve stopped working out for a long time. It allows them to start easily while having the chance to increase the intensity in small increments gradually.


Practical and straightforward lifestyle changes can also help prevent migraines from occurring regularly. Migraineurs have always known that self-care is still an option in dealing with this chronic condition. Migraine relief in Riverton is possible and not difficult to get if you practice this method.

Here are some essential methods that will help you minimize your migraine attacks:


Avoiding these two things also works in conjunction with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol and cigarettes are bad for your health. They are also common triggers for many migraineurs.


Obesity causes chronic pain conditions. Experts see a connection between the frequency of migraine attacks and a person’s body mass index (BMI). Always try to keep the excess weight down, by having a diet plan, proper food intake, and a regular exercise routine.


Get a migraine journal. Use it to keep track of your episodes and note your migraine triggers. This method is useful because it will show you what specific things to avoid next time to prevent migraines from happening.

Ultimately, a journal will help you learn specific things to avoid in the future and discover some things that can help you deal with your migraines better.


People have various migraine triggers. It is never entirely the same for everyone. However, some people report the onset of their migraine headaches after missing meals. Bear in mind that maintaining your eating routine or schedule is one very effective way of migraine prevention.

  • Keep Your Sleep Schedule Consistent

Just like keeping your regular meal schedule, you must also have a regular sleeping schedule. Inconsistency in sleeping can cause migraine attacks too. Make sure to sleep at the same hour each night. Keeping a schedule allows your body to adjust well to its circadian rhythm.

Any sudden changes in your sleep patterns can disrupt your circadian rhythm. As a result, you become more susceptible to migraines and other health issues.


Upper cervical chiropractic care is a subcategory of chiropractic, with a few essential differences. The most significant one is that it focuses on the upper cervical spine, particularly the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae. This is what Balanced Chiropractic offers for migraine relief in Riverton.

Upper cervical chiropractic care has three main advantages:


Upper cervical chiropractic care employs low-force adjustments. An upper cervical chiropractor does these corrections using his or her hands or with an instrument. The procedure involves NO popping or cracking of the neck or spine.


Upper cervical chiropractors do not adjust the whole spine. Instead, they focus on the top two bones on the neck, the atlas and axis vertebrae.


Doctors who practice upper cervical chiropractic do not perform adjustments after each examination. In short, only when needed. The atlas (C1) can hold gentle adjustments for long periods. This relief option is a more cost-effective approach than others.


Many of our migraine patients are enjoying migraine relief in Riverton after they experienced upper cervical chiropractic. It offers long-lasting comfort from their chronic pains.

If you need a trusted and effective care option soon, come and visit our office at the Balanced Chiropractic, in Riverton, Utah. For setting appointments, call 801 477 7222 or use our online form. This could be your first step toward pain-free life!


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