Blair Technique

About Upper Cervical SpecificChiropractic

Upper cervical care gets to the root of the problem, which is an imbalance in the nervous system, and corrects that so the body can correctly heal. It isn’t about pain relief, although that is a good side-effect; it is about restoring communication between your brain and body and allowing your body to make the correction. When this is done the body receives long term health.

The Blair technique is gentle, specific and scientific. The body’s health is restored with the least amount of adjusting possible. It is not based off of symptoms but a series of objective findings to determine whether a correction is to be made. When a chiropractor just adjusts only when and where it hurts, often times he is just chasing symptoms and not making a permanent correction.

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  • Love this place! They have great service and really care about their patients. Thank you!

    -John W.
  • Recently, one of our high school aged daughters started getting migraines. There were several days that she missed part of school because she could not concentrate because of the pain. Light and sound really bothered her and it even affected her balance to a certain extent. We took her to Balanced Chiropractic to see if Dr. Jensen could help. Long story short, she has had 7-8 treatments and has not had any more migraines. It has been a HUGE relief for her! (parents too!) Thanks so much Dr. Jensen and staff!

    -Steve T.

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at Balanced Chiropractic

Balanced Chiropractic is located in Riverton a suburb of Salt Lake City. Dr. Jensen is the best upper cervical Chiropractor in all of Utah and proudly serves all of Salt Lake City, Davis and Utah Counties. So whether you’re looking for a chiropractor in Sandy, Orem or Logan you can rely on Dr. Jensen to improve your health.

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