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Personal injuries can lead to acute pain and prolonged discomfort and challenges in daily life.

These injuries include: including car accidents, medicinal malpractice, workplace mishaps, and slip-and-fall accidents. The Blair technique restores the nervous system balance that is often disrupted by personal injuries.  Restoring the body’s balance allows it to heal the correct way.  We strive for long term success through less adjusting.  

Blair adjustments stay in alignment much longer than traditional adjustments.  This allows healing to happen long term without the need for constant adjustments. Most insurance companies cover car accident cases.  That means no cost to the patient while we are treating the personal injury. 

Through precise upper cervical adjustments, our goal is to relieve nerve interference caused by potential misalignments in the upper neck resulting from personal injury incidents. There are many advantages of restoring proper communication between the brain and body. Our practitioners strive to reduce pain, expedite healing, and support the recovery process following personal injury incidents. 

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