Chiropractic care for youth and children.





Our doctors have years of experience with pediatric conditions such as bedwetting, chronic ear infections, chronic illnesses, such as: cold and flu, gastrointestinal problems and sleeping disorders.

These problems can significantly impact children’s well-being. Balanced Chiropractic has seen great success utilizing the Blair Technique with kids. Our doctors use a very gentle and precise approach, with no popping, twisting, or cracking. 

The Blair technique specifically targets imbalances at the brain stem.  These imbalances are usually a result of trauma, sometimes even from birthing.  When we correct this imbalance, it restores proper flow between the brain and the body, which allows for proper function of all the nervous system including sensation, autonomic function, pain, and even mood, as well as an improved immune system.  In other words, the brainstem is the critical part of the body’s regulatory system.

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