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Fast Relief

Seeing a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor is one of the fastest ways to relieve your symptoms and get results.

Balanced Nervous System

With a proper alignment, nerves are allowed to function normally.

No Charge Consultation

A free consultation helps us determine if Blair Upper Cervical care is right for you.

Treatment Process

After determining if this treatment is right for you, we use precise imagining to tailor a gentle and effective adjustment for you.

A Medical Approach

We utilize the power of Cone Beam CT technology to pinpoint the exact area of correction.

We’re Here to Help You

This is your care and well-being. We want to make sure we do everything in our power to help you get the relief you deserve.


  • I've been seeing Dr. Jensen for about 5 years off and on and it has improved my back pain significantly. I can sleep all night without waking up in pain multiple times a night, no matter what mattress I slept on. Just a few months after I began having adjustments I realized I wasn't waking up anymore and my back didn't hurt in the mornings. It has made such a difference in my life!

    -Kelsi D.
  • Dr. Jensen takes a very unique approach to Chiropractic care and he understands the spine and nervous system far better than any other chiropractor I’ve met. He’s a great guy and a fantastic doctor. I would highly recommend him!

    -Colby W.

The Blair Technique

The Blair technique is gentle, specific, and scientific. The body’s health is restored with the least amount of adjusting possible. It is not based on symptoms but on a series of objective findings to determine whether a correction is to be made. When a chiropractor just adjusts only when and where it hurts, often times he is just chasing symptoms and not making a permanent correction.

How is upper cervical chiropractic different from general chiropractic?

First of all, upper cervical is a speciality within chiropractic. To be proficient it requires hundreds of extracurricular hours. The upper cervical region (upper neck) is much different then the rest of the spine, and therefore, should be treated differently. It requires a precise adjustment specific to each individual. The exact misalignment a person has can truly only be found through specific x-rays that are not taught in general chiropractic.

How long are the appointments?

Your first appointment will usually take about 45 minutes. At this time we determine if your problem is caused by a misalignment in your neck. If so, we proceed to do a full evaluation, including x-rays, to determine how to treat. During your next appointment I will report my findings from the exam/x-rays and will correct your specific misalignment. From there on out your appointment duration can vary, but typically is a brief visit to the office.

Does the adjustment hurt?

The adjustment is very gentle. It requires no popping or twisting. Oftentimes, after the adjustment, a patient can feel soreness due to beneficial corrections the body makes once the neck is properly aligned.

What is a Blair Upper Cervical doctor?

Blair Upper Cervical doctors are chiropractors with special training. If you were to think of general chiropractors as the orthopedists of the chiropractic world, you could then consider Blair Upper Cervical doctors to be the neurologists in chiropractic. Our main focus is on balancing the nervous system. We don’t twist and pop the neck. In fact, the upper neck is adjusted with a very light touch. This is made possible through a deep understanding of the physics of the upper neck bones. Through precise x-rays we are able to visualize small misalignments in between the first vertebra (atlas) and the base of the skull. This is the doorway between the brain and body. When that relationship is in proper alignment you will find better balance in the nervous system.

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