Who knows someone with tubes in their ears? Better yet, who doesn’t know someone with tubes in their ears? Tubes in the ear is a common medical practice for a problem that can usually be solved with a much less invasive procedure. The problem is referred to as chronic ear infections. Chronic ear infections can be very painful for children and problematic for their parents. In this article, I’m going to explain a very effective treatment for ear infections as well as review common medical treatments and why they are not based on sound principles.

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Anatomy Of The Ear:

The ear is split into 3 chambers (outer, middle, and inner ear). Each of these chambers is separated from each other, and each plays a very important role in the hearing process, among other things. The middle ear is also connected to the throat through the eustachian tube.

Causes Of Chronic Ear Infections:

When the eustachian tube gets inflamed, it can prevent the middle ear from draining like it should. When the middle ear can’t drain because of inflammation, it can cause pressure in the middle ear and, if there is an overgrowth of bacteria, it can cause an infection.

What Do Doctors Do For Ear Infections?

The medical field addresses the “what” or the symptoms. Therefore, they are going to first throw an antibiotic at the bacteria to cut that down. This usually works but can actually cause recurring ear infections in the future. Antibiotics kill all your bacteria (the good and the bad). If that treatment doesn’t work, a common procedure is ear tubes. This allows the middle ear to drain through the outer ear instead of the eustachian tube. Both of these procedures are treating the effect or the symptom and not the true cause or the “why” this happened in the first place.

Natural/Chiropractic Thinking:

So we need to address the “why” here. Why is there a bacterial overgrowth and why can’t the body regulate the inflammation? Many people don’t know this but we are supposed to have bacteria in our body. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria, and a good amount of the good bacteria actually keep the bad bacteria “at bay.” I have three kids that, while they were much younger, each had one ear infection. They were mild infections but definitely present.

My treatment was simple… let the body self-regulate and it did… quickly. All of the ear infections cleared within a day or two. So let me be clear, ear infections do happen in healthy children but chronic ear infections usually don’t. If I had given my kids an antibiotic, it would have wiped out much of their bacteria including the good stuff that regulates the bad stuff. If the bad stuff isn’t being regulated, it will come back again and again.

Chronic Ear Infection Treatment:

There is a safe treatment for ear infections, but I don’t usually treat the ears… I treat the body. Since the body should regulate these infections, this must mean it’s out of balance. This is a neurological balance that can be evaluated and seen in a physical way. I check kids all the time, and I’m checking for an upper neck bone imbalance which causes this neurological imbalance. It’s fairly simple to correct an upper cervical imbalance and doesn’t hurt at all. Once your child is back in balance, their body will begin to self-regulate in a much better way.

The chronic infections should resolve as well as improvements in other areas. The symptoms I usually see children for are sleeping problems, bedwetting, headaches, colic, severe nightmares, and so on. These are all treated by correcting the neurological balance so the body can self-regulate. Your body is infinitely more intelligent in fixing your problems than any doctor in the world. When we fix the “why” instead of the “what,” we get a longer-lasting improvement in symptoms. This is a healthier way to live with no side effects except happier, healthier children.