Bedwetting Help And Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Bedwetting Advice

I work with a lot of children in my practice. They bring cheer and a positive attitude to the office. One of the most common reasons I work with you this is for bedwetting. This can be such a devastating and stressful thing for both the children and their parents. It is also not just youth that wet the bed. I have worked with adults with this problem as well. I’d like to offer some perspective and understanding I have gained over my career on this subject so that you can have some bedwetting help. However, wetting isn’t always just in bed. Sometimes people can have difficulties during the day while out and about.

Bedwetting Solutions

Usually the problem is sensation…meaning they don’t feel like they have to pee until it’s too late. This is where I would like to talk about the nervous system and its relation to the body so that you can understand my bedwetting treatment. First off, the brain speaks to the body through nerves. Think of this as a huge bundle of electrical wires that start from the brain and connect with every living cell in the body. There is nothing that happens in the body without the orchestration of the brain. An imbalanced nervous system can cause a lot of problems. One of these problems can be bedwetting.

Bedwetting Treatment

I fix nervous system imbalance by examining, in great detail, the spot where the brain opens up to the body. This is the upper cervical region, or the upper neck. The first bone in your neck, known as the atlas, holds up your head and, if aligned properly, provides a large space so the nervous system can pass through it. Traumas cause misalignments that put pressure on our nervous system, causing a nervous system imbalance. This is called a subluxation. Once I correct a subluxation, the brain starts talking to the body without interference, and the body can now heal.

My success with bedwetting is quite good. I have found that over 80% of the patients I work with will see a significant decrease in bedwetting, and most will stop wetting completely. In fact, the older the person is, the better chance of success. It seems simple and, in some ways, it is that simple. However, the process is quite complicated and requires proper knowledge and understanding of the upper cervical region, and proper analysis and adjustment to get this right. This is not a “popping” adjustment and is quite gentle.

If you are wondering if upper cervical care could give you or your child some bedwetting help, feel free to call the office and schedule a consultation.