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7-false-beliefs-about-neck-painRiverton neck pain relief is a great source of joy for many. It comes as no surprise as neck pain can be a very annoying feeling to have. It is an increasingly widespread ailment that can be due to regular yet improper use of technology. Don’t blame technology for your neck pain, though. You can blame your poor posture instead and other risk factors.

How much is information about neck pain found online accurate? Here, we will get a closer glimpse at these seven common misconceptions or myths regarding neck pain. Then we will introduce you to a productive and natural form of care that can provide long-lasting Riverton neck pain relief. Let’s begin with seven of these neck pain false beliefs:

False Belief #1 – Only Blue-Collar Workers Get Neck Pain on the Job

While heavy lifting and other forms of physically demanding manual labor can inevitably lead to back and neck problems, a comfortable office job can be the same. Factors such as having poor posture while seated at your workstation, using a phone between the neck and shoulder, and not having your screen or computer monitor positioned at eye level can all lead to neck strain and eventual neck pain.

Additionally, the overuse of mobile devices can cause neck issues. How so? Since the default position used by most people is leaning the head forward or bowing down to look at the phone for extended periods. This awkward position increases pressure to the neck caused by the weight of the head.

False Belief #2 – My Neck Pain Is Hereditary

A significant number of neck problems do not have a genetic predisposition. Therefore, even if your parents suffer from chronic neck pain, never assume that it will inevitably happen to you as well. 

This false belief can make people think that neck pain can be unavoidable or unfixable. If you believe this statement is accurate, you are more likely to assume that this painful condition is inherited. Meaning, you are also more likely to think that there is nothing you can do to get rid of your neck pain. This limiting belief will stop anyone from seeking out proper care and ever getting Riverton neck pain relief.

False Belief #3 – Neck Pain Is Just a Part of Getting Older

This statement is one more myth that caused so many people not to look for proper care. Seniors indeed seem to have more aches and pains, but that doesn’t mean every ache and suffering are untreatable. 

Some types of neck pain are treatable. It would be best if you did not live with your neck pain based on a misconception or a lie. The truth is you can always do something to relieve your neck pain. There are a lot of care options out there.

False Belief #4 – All You Need to Do Is Rest

Whether a person is suffering from back pain or neck pain, the first suggestion is often, get bed rest. However, being inactive can add more pain. It is especially true when your pillow or super-soft mattress is part of your neck problem. If your sleeping posture is wrong, then you are doing more harm than good for your neck.

If you love binge-watching movies on cable television and your favorite position is with your stomach on the bed with your head facing the T.V., you are doing it wrong. Your poor posture is causing your neck pain. 

Find the root cause of your neck pain so you can deal with it properly. Sit properly while binge-watching movies. Sleep with the right sleeping position, with your back on the bed and the right pillow beneath your neck, keeping it in a neutral position with stable and comfortable neck support.

False Belief #5 – My Doctor Can’t Find the Cause of My Pain, So I’m imagining it

Just because a general practitioner couldn’t find the exact cause of your neck pain, it doesn’t mean that it is just all in your head. 

For example, a family doctor may not accurately identify upper cervical misalignments that could be the underlying cause of your neck pain. Using a standard x-ray will not show you misalignments down to the hundredths of a degree, all of which can trigger various health problems.

False Belief #6 – “It’s Just Pain – I Can Live with It”

Please pay your focused attention to a study performed by Australian researchers. It revealed that spinal pain, whether felt in the neck or lower back, increased mortality rate by 13%. Furthermore, it showed that the longer a person suffers from neck pain, the more the danger increases.

In conclusion, the researchers suggest people to have their spinal pain checked and corrected as soon as possible. Therefore, don’t endure your neck pain because you can do something about it. Seek help from professionals. They know how to find the root cause of your neck pain issues. 

False Belief #7 – There Is No Way to Counteract Poor Posture

Some people feel that poor posture feels more natural than a proper position. Most people slouch while sitting or standing, and these lazy postures would seem logical and natural. But it is not! 

When you sit on a chair while working, use a lumbar support cushion on your lower back to practice proper posture while sitting. When you sleep, put a firm pillow beneath your neck. The neck position should be neutral, causing no pressure or tension to the neck.

Proper posture helps your spine align correctly. It also promotes good health. Proper spine alignment is excellent for your well being. When your spine is aligned correctly, the right posture should feel natural. When there’s a will, you will find the right way!

Get Riverton Neck Pain Relief With Our Help

Neck pain is a troubling ailment that can sap your quality of life. When pain is left unchecked, it may lead to a shorter life span. Why take that risk? Deal with your neck pain as soon as you can.

Upper cervical chiropractic has proven effective in dealing with neck pains for many decades now. Chiropractors use a precise and gentle method that realigns bones back to their proper position. Here at Balanced Chiropractic in Riverton, Utah, we focus on the C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) located at the neck. Correcting the misalignment helps facilitate blood flow to the brain, making proper alignment even more vital and active. As a result, our adjustments hold longer, making the body heal faster. 

More and more patients with various chronic pains are seeking upper cervical chiropractic for Riverton neck pain relief. If the top bones of the neck are in the correct placement, pinched nerves are relieved, and soft tissue will go back to its normal position and have time to recover and heal. As a result, neck pain becomes better right from your first adjustment and continues to improve over time. 

Don’t endure your pain. Please call our office at 801-477-7222. You can also contact us here for chiropractic appointments.

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