Headache and Migraine Relief

I love working with people that suffer from migraines! We get to the root of the problem and correct it with a very high success rate! If you suffer from migraines you might have been told that you'll have to live with them for the rest of your life or that you can take a pill to help it. Did you know that preventive migraine drugs are considered effective if they reduce the frequency or severity of migraine attacks by 50%? I wouldn't be happy if my success rate was that low…and I do it without medication. And, does this pill really fix the problem? Do you suffer from a migraine because of a shortage of Excedrin Migraine, or other prescription drugs? Of course not. There is an underlying cause and guess what…headaches are not normal... it's your body screaming out to you to fix it.

What causes migraines? This is a question that no one really knows for sure. There are many theories though. Usually the theories are that it is vascular in nature (affecting the blood vessels) or that it is pressure on nerves (particularly the trigeminal nerve). I like to think it is probably both. When there is pressure on the nervous system it can also cause blood vessels to constrict and even affect pain receptors. This is why sufferers of migraines find such relief when the neck is in proper balance. The pressure is taken off the nervous system and the body can recover.

I correct the underlying problem in a very gentle and specific way based off 3-dimensional digital x-rays. Everyone's misalignment is different and thus, everyone's adjustment should be tailored to them. There's no popping or twisting of the neck, and your neck is adjusted much less often than with general chiropractic.


Dr. Jensen has a dedicated website that discusses all the different types of Headaches that he treats through Blair Upper Cervical Care.

Please visit: www.theheadachedoc.com to learn more.

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