Hidden Cause Of Migraines Uncovered By New 3 Dimensional X-Ray Technology

Hidden Cause Of Migraines Uncovered By New 3 Dimensional X-Ray Technology

Working closely with migraine patients, one doctor has uncovered a potentially ground breaking new connection between the spine and migraine headaches using advanced 3D Imagery...

SALT LAKE CITY- If life isn't hard enough, try dealing with your day to day challenges while suffering from an excruciating migraine. The sharp, shooting, mind numbing pain can be debilitating, leaving many unable to fulfill their family and work obligations.

Are you a migraine sufferer? If you are you're not alone. In fact it's estimated that 37 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches on a regular basis and migraine headaches are more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined.

Studies show that migraines are also one of the top 20 causes of disability forcing many to give up careers they love because of their migraines.

But new research and advanced technology appears to be giving migraine sufferers new hope. Because a new connection previously overlooked between the top bones of the spine and migraine headaches may mean welcomed relief for many migraine sufferers.

Advanced Imaging And Migraines

"Most migraine sufferers have experienced some sort of physical trauma in their life. This trauma in turn results in an injury to their upper neck," says Dr. Jeffrey Jensen, a board certified chiropractor in Riverton, Utah who focuses on migraines.

"Often times they don't even remember the injury being that severe. It could have been a simple fender bender, a sports injury or even a cumulative problem like sitting at a desk for hours on end. The causes can vary but the end results are the same, a misalignment in the upper cervical spine resulting in severe migraines," says Dr. Jensen.

And Dr. Jensen's patients are living proof. Take the case of 44 year old Margaret C. from Riverton Utah as an example. For over 22 years she suffered from intense migraine headaches. It wasn't until she went to Dr. Jensen that she finally found relief.

As her doctors struggled to find the cause of her pain it worsened. Over the years she was put on dozens of different pain medications, tried a variety of natural supplements and even tried hypnosis, all to no avail.

In fact the migraines became so severe she had to quit her job which caused a tremendous amount of stress on her family.

"It got so bad that if I didn't lock myself in a pitch black room, lay down and put in earplugs I would literally vomit," said Margaret. She went on to say "it was affecting my marriage, time with my children and causing me major depression, I was at my wits end."

Then she heard about a local doctor who was having incredible success with migraine patients.

"My friend Sarah told me about a doctor who was working on some new ways to deal with migraines. He would evaluate your neck using some sort of complex x-ray system. And based on what it showed he would then gently align the top bones of the spine to relieve pressure on the nerves, she told me people were driving in from all over Utah and other states to see him," Margaret said.

She went on to say, "after approximately two weeks my migraines were virtually gone, even though I'd still get them from time to time the intensity was much less. It's now been six months since I've had a migraine whereas before I'd have them just about daily. I am so grateful I found Dr. Jensen I can't imagine living like that for the rest of my life."

How Does It Work?

"With any kind of trauma the top vertebrae in the neck, called the Atlas, can become misaligned. When this happens it can put pressure on the delicate nerves and blood vessels. This can cause nerves like the trigeminal nerve to become overactive resulting in migraines. Other structures are also affected and lead to a whole host of other problems ranging from simple back pain and vertigo all the way to high blood pressure and fibromyalgia," says Dr. Jensen.

"Using a special 3 Dimensional X-Ray Technique we can pinpoint the exact misalignment and correct it. It's a very gentle procedure and doesn't involve any popping or twisting. Most people begin experiencing relief in a matter of days," says Dr. Jensen.

The specific approach Dr. Jensen utilizes is called the Blair Technique and uses a very precise way of addressing the misalignments found in the upper cervical spine.

The Blair Technique is described as gentle, specific and scientific. Unlike symptom oriented techniques, it's based on a series of objective findings to determine whether or not a correction has been made. Nothing is left to chance.

"When a doctor either adjusts you based on symptoms or gives you a medication based on symptoms they're not seeing the big picture. Think about it, you don't have a migraine due to a lack of Excedrin or Imitrex. So why would you expect that taking either one could cure you?" Explained Dr. Jensen.

By identifying and correcting the upper cervical misalignments and objectively measuring whether or not a correction has been made, Dr. Jensen has become known as a "migraine specialist" according to many of his patients.


"In the 17 years I was dealing with migraines I never met a doctor who impressed me as much as Dr. Jensen." Said Valerie G. a Provo, UT resident. She continued, "I had a whiplash injury 20 years ago and suffered severe migraines because of it. I've been pain free for three years now after seeing Dr. Jensen."

Reduce The Need For Medication

"Migraines affect a lot more people than previously thought. Many migraine sufferers and their doctors focus on a pharmaceutical solution and they either take prescription drugs or self-medicate," explains Dr. Jensen. Migraine sufferers take a variety of medications looking for relief.

For many years Deborah thought she just had "tension headaches" and took over the counter pain medication when they came on. But after their frequency increased and she began experiencing blurry vision and dizziness she went to her doctor.

"I finally made an appointment with my family doctor after a severe headache affected my vision," said Deborah.

It was at that point her doctor referred her to a neurologist who specialized in headaches. He diagnosed her with migraines and prescribed Imitrex.

"I was shocked at my diagnosis and it really scared me, I wasn't a big fan of medications and the thought of having to rely on that drug really worried me," confessed Deborah.

Soon after her diagnosis Deborah found Dr. Jensen and read about the success he was having with migraines. She also liked the fact that it was a natural, drug free approach. So she called his office and made an appointment.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Jensen's for about 6 weeks now and I've been headache free for the past two. That's a big improvement over having them at least twice a week," said Deborah.

Because of the overwhelming popularity of Dr. Jensen's program and the high demand for appointments he's developed a migraine quiz for prospective patients. This quiz helps determine if their condition has a high probability of being helped by his approach.

How To Take The Quiz

Due to an increased interest in his 3 Dimensional X-Ray analyses and migraine protocol, Dr. Jensen has created a migraine quiz to determine if your migraine pattern is consistent with his findings and likely to respond to his method.

You can take the quiz by going here.

"Due to the popularity of my migraine program I had to create a way to pre-screen potential patients to determine if my protocol was a good fit," “To reach as many people as possible I created a way to prescreen prospective patients to determine if my protocol is a good fit” explains Dr. Jensen. He went on to say "my goal is to help as many people as possible and this quiz is a good first step in my evaluation and it's free."

If you or a loved one suffers from migraines we encourage you to take the migraine quiz to see if you qualify for Dr. Jensen's migraine relief program.

You can take the quiz by going here. Your results are confidential and will only be seen by Dr. Jensen and his well-qualified staff.