Meet Dr. David Yates

david yates herriman chiropractor

Dr. Yates graduated with a Bachelors of Spanish Degree and Minor in Business from Brigham Young University in December 1994. He worked as a Physical Therapist Aide, high school Spanish teacher and Financial Advisor before feeling led to become a Chiropractor. Upon hearing this news, his own Chiropractor hired Dr. Yates as his Public Relations Director and helped him enroll in Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in January 2003.

As a student, he served as the president of the Blair upper cervical club for three years teaching students how to incorporate normal asymmetries of the upper cervical spine into their analysis for correcting subluxations. He also continued to do PR work for various Upper Cervical Specialists in both L.A. and Orange counties, helping hundreds of English and Spanish speaking individuals receive the care they needed for a myriad of health conditions.

As an intern, he worked directly with practicing Chiropractors to deliver the highest quality patient care and was awarded the distinguished Carl S. Cleveland III, Beatrice K. Blair and OUM Wellness Works Scholarships. Dr. Yates is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and has hundreds of hours of post-doctorate training in analyzing and correcting subluxations of the upper cervical spine.

Dr. Yates has practiced in 3 different states, as an associate or independent contractor, with 3 different doctors giving him a unique set of skills he enjoys using in both educating individuals about and providing them with the four foundational elements of health: Nutrition, Exercise, Emotional, and Neurological Balance. Dr. Yates has spoken to a variety of groups on topics ranging from “Peak Performance” to “Parkinson’s Disease” as well as serving as a Corporate Health Coach for various companies.